Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Up dates

Harley when she had her surgery
Okay you got to know Harley to understand this picture.....she is a nut

Jade, Kerry Jr., and Chandler going to kick butt.....

Jada acting like she is bad....right that smile gives it away

This is one way to wear Chandler out.....he was ready for bed that night at 7

Justin and Harley showing the counsin love....

Our Van not so pretty but runs like a champ.....I love it and just started driving it a week ago.

Kerry car and when Kerry Jr., starts driving will be his.

Okay boys....this is MOM RIDE.....sorry truck aren't just for boys....I will kick you butt over my ride.....everyone laughs when they see me get out of it..

Harley and Her Favorite Uncle Willie.....she likes him cause he gives her a hard time...
Chandler school pictures.....2008

Jade school picture 2008

Our house....we love it here and God has blessed us so much....We are blessed to have six bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room, sunroom, two baths and a full basement....So this way we can still keep kids....

Kerry Jr since he hasn't cut his hair.....but he did cut it for mom for Christmas

MOM"S Dream car......what I wish I could have but have too many children to every have another Volkswagon Beelte....

Hello to all and just too let everyone know that Grandma Kinney had surgery this morning and did ok. Please continue to pray for her. God can do all things so if its his will maybe she will be home with us soon. I know that nothing is impossible.....Kerry has been working and its gotten cold here today and very windy. Kerry Jr still wont go and get his permant to drive. I dont know if he just dont want too or what. Harley is doing good and ready to go back to school. Chandler just is funny all time. His latest thing is that he can't eat nothing I cook. I tell him he has to try it. He says he would rather have peanut butter and jelly. NOT every meal I tell him. Jada has been helping me today dust. I hate that job but it must be done. She is good about helping. Our new kid Stephanie is doing good and so far so good. No problems with her. He is turning 13 in Feb. and we will have yet another need I say more. Roy will be leaving on Sunday to go back to Job Core. He hasnt done much of nothing except what I have made him so it will probably kill him when he does go back. As for me I have been pulling my hair out with all the contruction that been happening in the basement. Today they finally finished up and now working outside. They left a mess but its stuff I must go through and throw away. Well we love you all and hope to hear from you soon. Here is some pictures I found that I thought I would add....these are from before Christmas so I hope you enjoy....

The Davis'

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Family Christmas Pictures 2008

Roy Crain
Kerry Jr., Kerry, Harley, Stephanie, Barbara, Chandler, and Jada

Kerry Jr., Kerry, Roy, Barbara, Chandler, Jada, and Harley

Kerry Jr., Kerry, Harley and Barbara Davis

Kerry and Barbara Davis

Harley and Kerry Jr., Davis

Chandler and Harley

Harley and Jada

Stephanie .......

Harley Marie Davis and Nacho

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Please Pray

Please everyone pray for Kerry grandma Irine Kinney. She is 86 and was still working. Two weeks ago on her way to work she was in a bad wreck and is in ICU. She needs our prayers. She was talking but now she isn't talking to anyone. God can make a miracle and help her to come out of it. We love her and want what is best for her.....Kerry Jr, Harley and I stayed last night and hope she will be home soon. Here is a picture of took of her and grandpaw three weeks before this happen....Pray for the family that God will be with each person.

Merry Christmas 2008 at the Hill's

Richard , Alice and Nacho....
Jada and Harley they love to take pictures

Lynne, Charles, Teresa, Sandra and Barbara

Charles, Lynne, Teresa, Sandra, Mom, Barbara, and Daddy
Tony, Celia, and Sandra Maness
Brian, Lynne and Chris
Chris who is now 17
Celia, Chandler, Stephanie, Grannie Hill and Harley
all listening to Grannie Hills advise
Kerry Jr. and Papaw....kerry jr showing he
can get a hug....

Chandler Hester our foster son...who is now
Okay this is too hard: Kerry Jr., Lynne, Teresa, Grannie Hill
Papaw Hill, Charles, Estelle, Sandra, Tony, Travis, Barbara, Chandler,
Jada, Tammy, Harley, Chris, Stephanie, and Kerry.....(Brain is missing)
Terry is also missing but taking all pictures.....
Okay dont ask me to name them again....the Hill, Bailey,
Maness, Marks, and Davis Clan.
Chandler and Celia showing off how sweet they are..

Grannie and Papaw Hill (Richard and Alice)

Estelle and Charles Hill.....they are smiling and you
believe it....hahahahaha

Teresa, Travis, Tammy and Terry Bailey

Okay I hate pictures but this is my bunch....
Kerry Jr., Barbara, Kerry, and Harley Davis
Kerry and Barbara........we just love pictures!!!NOT! Kerry Jr., Kerry, Barbara, Stephanie, Harley,
Jada and Chandler
This is our Bunch the Daivs Bunch!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Brittany our new kid...
Harley trying to curl her hair....she does it then she washes it cause it isn't curlie enough....

Nacho our new puppy....He is a hand full.....The top picture is how he likes to sleep....unlike what I want. He has to sleep in the kinnel. And this is Logan and Barbara at the Hester Christmas dinner.....