Sunday, March 1, 2009

New House

Sorry I haven't been on lately. We are in the middle of a move. Its only 8 miles from where we are but there is so much to be done. We plan on being in the new house on March 6, 2009. I will post pictures and up date later. Everyone here has had the flu and colds, so its hard to get in the mood to get everything done. Tomorrow Harley will be 14 and I am feeling old. Oh and today it is snowing like crazy and light and thunder to go with it. We are suppose to get about 6 inches before its over. Take care and pray for us all.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hello to all and this month has been a crazy one but interesting. Last week I chased two German Shepard dogs that are both bigger than I am. The neighbor kept shooting his gun and I guess they broke their chain and got off. So they called the dog police ( that what we call him) and we had to show up to date shots and rabies shots and if not get fined. I was not happy. Then we couldn't find the dogs and was sure they shot them. They were gone for five days....then a boy in my son school called and said I know where your dogs are. We all thought no cause anyone that knows Rock , knows that everyone is scared of him. He acts like he would eat you to death. Well Kerry Jr and I rode to these people house which was five miles away and sure enough they were in her building. They had been feeding then and said the pound was called and they wouldn't let them take them cause they said they would put them down since they knew no one would take a dog 13 years old. Kerry was excited to have them home. Then I had children parents that didn't show for visits and that's always hard cause you don't know what to say or do. They just make it hard on the children. Like to kick their butts.... Well we all have had the flu and colds and I am still not over it but getting there. Yesterday the kids were out of school due to ice and no water at school. They are all up and getting ready for school today. Now we have frozen water and I am glad everyone had a bath last night. Well its good to know that the weekend is coming. Take care and we miss you all....
The Davis Bunch...

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Friday, January 16, 2009

It's been a while....

Sorry its been so long but things here have just been nuts...School, kids and home inspections that are suppose to happen today. We have trying to get everything done with our inspections so that our liscense will continue with the foster care. We have three months but to be honest it takes that much. With all the paper work and inspections and physcial's there is a lot to be done and it cost money. There do reimburse you for some things but not all. Just to thank each of you who have called and been praying for Grannie Kinney. She is now doing better and they have put the feeding tube in her stomach and she is smiling and moving her head...she still can't talk but in time. Well just wanted to say thanks and I will get back with you all soon.
The Davis'

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Up-Date on Grandma Kinney

Hello and thanks each person for praying for Grannie Kinney. She had a feeding tube in and she was not opening her eyes and but yesterday she opened her eyes and is smiling at people. The doctor said she wasn't going to make it through the surgery...isn't God good. He is in control. She was moved to a room of her own today and still isn't talking due to the tube but thank the Lord she is still here. We love her and want her to know that we are here and want the best for her. Please continue to pray and that she will be well soon. God Bless you all and hope to hear from you soon.
The Davis bunch