Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Davis Family

The Davis Family is a family that can change daily. As of right now Kerry is 39, Barbara 39, and we have been married for 16 almost 17 years. I have to say we love each other very much and wouldn't trade each other for nothing. We have a son 15 Kerry Jr who is just finishing driver aid, Harley who is 13 who loves school and is a very indepent child. We also have Chandler 4, Jade 6 and they are brothers and sisters. We did have other children but they have either gone home or Roy our 17 year old went to Job Core. We live in NC on 5acrea of land. We have a sox bedroom two bath house. We love it here and the only thing we done like is that we are so far from family. Kerry works in Constrution and I am a stay at home mom. I love what we do but sometimes it is hard when you get a child and keep it for months and months and then they are gone. We love to attend church and always keep God first in our lives. There isn't much too tell other than we would love to see more of our family.....

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