Monday, November 10, 2008


Hello is Monday and I just got home from court. Jada and Chandler will be with us for a little while longer. We go back to court in January. We were blessed to be able to go down and see everyone this weekend. We seen a lot of Kerry family and I got to see my mom and dad. We got to go to church and had a wonderful time. But its nice to be able to come home and get in your own bed. Chandler loved Martha and Carl and my mom and Dad he wants to know when we are going back to grandma's house. He asked me this morning when we were going tomorrow.....he is somthing. Jada and mom hit it off well and at 7 on Sunday morning they were in the kitchen talking and talking. Kerry Jr and Harley got to spend some time with Celia. But its nice to be home. The kids will be home tomorrow from school and we are planning to rake leaves. IF IT DOESN"T RAIN!! They are calling for it. Well there always stuff to be done around here. Take care...
-- Barb

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